Monday, July 12, 2010

Interesting Things Happening in Wine

Now that I have made wine a hobby and passion of mine, I often run across interesting articles or my pal Count Dakkar sends me links to new gadgets in wine. Most notably has been the recent location announcement of the 2011 American Wine Bloggers Conference. Who knew the wine bloggers had their own conference?!? Next July, Charlottesville will play host to hundreds of wine bloggers, industry types and hacks like me for an event that is sure to include a major wine hangover. The conference cost is fairly reasonable, so perhaps I will attend and start taking my little blog to the next level. The agenda and program content might have you signing up to attend as well.

This summer Virginia Wine has hit mainstream media. The word is getting out folks, so if you live in Virginia, but haven’t taken much interest in the great wines offered, you need to do so!
Wine Spectator Article of Virginia Viogniers:

Virginia Wine makes the Today show!
Jefferson Vineyards

Kluge Cru and Sparkling Wine
(Warning: This one is a little more painful as you have to sit through Kathy Lee and Hoda gabbing.)

Totally random and in French...
How to open a wine bottle with a shoe video clip.

There is so much to say about this article! I didn’t realize buying alcohol was so difficult in Pennsylvania. And I thought Virginia took their liquor laws seriously!

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