Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wine Preservation System

There is nothing like getting a new gadget to encourage more wine drinking. Too often I shy away from opening a bottle of wine since my husband does not drink wine at all. I have no issues about drinking alone, but the waste factor disheartens me. It seems this psychological issue dates back to high school/college days when the waste of alcohol was abhorred and condemned by all. Even now as a thirty-something adult with a job, I cringe and look away when pouring wine (even bad wine) down the drain. This new thingamabob claims to keep wine for up to nine days and even has a day counter! I think nine days is a bit much to ask of any wine, but thank goodness for the day counter because I would never remember if it has been five days or nine days. Stay tuned for a review.

Preservation Update:
So I’ve tested the gadget and can report…it works! It sucks the air out of the bottle like a vacuum to slow the oxidation process. You insert the rubber stopper and set the counter.
Much to my surprise it kept the wine fresh for up to five days. Just for fun, I kept a bottle for nine days. The wine was flat, but not disgustingly so.


  1. I've seen the pups with stoppers ebfore, but how is this gadget supposed to work?

  2. Hi VA Wine Diva,
    This pup works basically the same way. It's just a fancier version.

  3. This one is the most unique and safe way for saving the wine and preserving it for few days.

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