Monday, August 10, 2009

Everyone needs a 'go to' wine and I've found mine

As I continue on my quest to learn more about wine, I traveled to several vineyards this summer. These expeditions have been incredibly important to the research and development of my palate. This time enlisted a few research assistants to join the journey which took us just north of Charlottesville. After visiting Barboursville Vineyard, I nearly stopped all research and development as I enjoyed all of their wines so much, that it seemed futile to try any other wine from this point forward.

Arriving to the vineyard as ravenous females, we decided to embark on the “handsomest gastronomic redemption” (as quoted from their website…seriously) offered in the Palladio Restaurant. They start the meal with a glass of their delicious sparkling wine which is really how all meals should start in my opinion. We went for the two course menu with wine pairing. Who know freaking risotto could taste so good? Turns out it can by adding fresh mozzarella and basil paired with their Sauvignon Blanc! After indulging our tummies (not to mention our wallets) we moved to the tasting room. Now here’s a bargain?! For five bucks we got to taste fifteen, YES FIFTEEN, different wines. Starting with their whites, we diligently worked our way through to the reds. I could have very easily bought a bottle of each, but limited myself to only clear favorites such as the Cabernet Franc. Finally a perfect ‘go to’ wine for which I could purchase with complete confidence anytime for myself or others!

Although, my goal is to visit different wineries in Virginia, it is inevitable that I will need to make a return trip to Barboursville. I found a perfect spot under a glorious magnolia tree surrounded by magnificent boxwoods that just begs for a blanket and a chilled bottle of their Viognier.

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