Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Virginia Wine is Well Hung!

When I learned that my professional association was holding a regional conference in Charlottesville, I did my research on local wine shops that might carry Well Hung Vineyard (WHV) wines. Work hard, play hard, right? After a long day of conferencing, I headed down to Barracks Road to the The Virginia Shop. The staff couldn't have been more friendly and had high praise for the bottle I purchased, 2009 Well Hung Everyday Chardonnay.

Slightly disappointed in finding only a bottle of white, I continued on to several other wine shops in search of red to no avail. On way out of town, I randomly stopped at South River Restaurant and Paddock Wine Shop in Waynesboro, Virginia. I knew nothing about the place, other than spotting a small ad which sparked my curiosity. As soon as I walked in the door I spotted Well Hung Cabernet Franc - and only one bottle left. I picked up the bottle for purchase before I was even seated! In addition to a great menu, they have an impressive Virginia wine by the glass selection! This always makes me very happy.

Upon my return home, I shared my bottle of Well Hung Everyday with friends while enjoying a seafood extravaganza of crab legs and steamed shrimp. This was a clean crisp white that I could see enjoying...everyday with anything. I really loved it and wished it easier to find bottles for purchase. If you are a real wine snob, you might hope for more complexity. I found it to be a real easy-going wine with slight hints of fruit. Later in the week, I open the Cabernet Franc. This certainly provides more complexity, but not so self-involved for a novice like me. It has the right level of dry with berry flavor. However, I have to say, overall I preferred the white over the red.

Initially, it's label grabs your attention. And why wouldn't it? It's clever, witty, and well designed. Long before I ever tasted their wine, I had decided I liked this vineyard. The label, of course, made me laugh and it's owned by three clever women. Their story showcases collaboration at its best: design meets science meets business meets WINE. I am so fortunate to work with great visual and performing artists everyday in my job. My role is more administrative, but simply being in the environment is inspiring. I find myself increasingly looking at the influence of art and design in everyday life. You might be reading this very post from your newly purchased i-pad, which has a similar and very effective collaboration of science, design, and business. To me the most fascinating aspect of wine is this infusion of art/science/business. This is a great article on how Well Hung Vineyard's label design was featured in an exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. If you are looking for inspiring wine, check out Well Hung Vineyard.