Sunday, August 22, 2010

Simple Indulgence

It seems that our darling four year old has found a new game called "Pushing Mommy's Buttons". After two straight days of "Pushing Mommy's Buttons", it became apparent to my husband that he may need to step in and provide some relief. I spent several hours browsing the local shops for bargains in the clearance section: an unpretentious luxury not allowed in the company of a small child. I prepared a delicious dinner sans a rugrat under my feet, while grooving to the best hits of the 80's.

I knew it would have to be a red wine to soothe my weary soul and stand up to our ribeyes searing on the grill. As the sole wine drinker of the evening, I didn't want to open something that I thought would be better served with guests or shared with friends. I wanted to open something that if terrible, I could walk away without feeling a sense of loss. I selected Hunting Creek's Indulgence which I purchased this summer on the Southern Virginia Wine Trail excursion.

Gee, I sound insulting, but in fact I recalled liking this wine very much. I was only skeptical because the top of the foil had randomly fallen offer shortly after purchase. The cork appeared a little too far down into the bottle and there was some slight leakage on the cork. I knew it would be a total bummer to find it ruined, but if bad I could throw it out and try another.

This blend of 75% merlot and 25% petit verdot, was exactly what I needed to finish the day. It was incredibly smooth tasting and easy to drink. I enjoyed the first glass on our screened porch during a brief summer rain shower . You will not find this wine in your local shop. This Virginia vineyard is a small family operation that only attends a few select wine festivals. With the rarity of finding their wine, I feel like I have uncovered a little Virginia wine secret. And I didn't feel the least bit guilty for having it all to myself. It was a perfect day of simple indulgence.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Virginia Wine of the Month Club – The Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Perhaps one of the best gifts I’ve received has been from my husband and sister. This Christmas they purchased me a year-long membership to the Virginia Wine of the Month Club. Seven months into the club, and I still get excited about my wine in the mail! The week before its arrival I usually begin to wonder what type of wine from which great Virginia winery will be selected for me. Roughly every third Tuesday of the month, the brown UPS truck pays our house a visit with two bottles of Virginia Wine: one red and one white.

In order to verify that the club member is 21 years of age or older, you must be present to sign for your package when the UPS guy arrives. One month, I knew I would be out of town and I did manage to reroute my package. But was denied the second time I tried to reroute my wine. Perhaps it seemed a little bit sketchy to UPS and the Virginia Wine of the Month Club. But are teenagers really that industrious enough to attempt fooling the Virginia Wine of the Month Club for alcohol? However, I certainly understand they must abide by the rules and thus to my great disappointment I have missed several shipments and forced to wait the next day or even the day AFTER next. Once after coming home to find the “sorry we missed you” sticker on my door, I drove around the neighborhood in hopes that I would spot the brown truck. On another such occasion, I spotted an UPS truck delivering a package to a nearby auto parts store. I quickly made a left hand turn, went into the store, found the UPS guy and asked him if he had my wine by chance. He did not. I bet that UPS is as equally annoyed with me that I am not home to sign, not to mention the fact that my crazy dog shows his teeth and begins to foam at the mouth at the mere sight of his truck.

The selections have been from wineries that I have not yet had a chance to visit or even taste. I love reading the included newsletter which has interesting details about the wine and vineyard. I keep my newsletters and make notes on how I felt about the wine. They never send bad wine, but occasionally I’ve run across something that didn’t quite excite my palate. Conversely, I’ve discovered a few wines I would buy again and again. July’s selection, 2009 Charval, from Tarara Winery is one such discovery. This is a really light, easy to drink white wine for everyone to enjoy. The type of wine you want to have on hand for any occasion. I highly recommend that if you love wine and want to learn more about Virginia Wine consider a membership or give the gift that keeps on giving.