Monday, April 13, 2009

And so the blog journey begins....

Recently, I embarked on a mission to find a fulfilling hobby or pastime. After much soul searching, which amounted to about an hour of discussing and eliminating possible options, it was determined that drinking wine and then blogging about it would be the perfect hobby for me. Besides, I can always find a more sobering hobby like knitting or genealogy when I’m drying out at rehab, right? So, it’s a wine blog infused with humor, satire as well as a few drunken adventures in wine tasting. Perhaps, I’ll even make a few recommendations, pairing suggestions or even comments on the sundry of wine gadgets awaiting you at your local wine shop.

After creating my blog account, it took several attempts to actually blog. My blog methodology was originally comprised of me drinking wine and then immediately attempting to blog about it. That proved to not work well. Thus my new and improved methodology involves me “tasting wine”, then allowing for a day or so to process thoughts (i.e. treat hangover).

My hope is not that you will in anyway find this blog useful as it is just a blog. Instead my goal and intent is to amuse and self-indulge.